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The Walk

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I’m glad I didn’t watch this episode with Nelson because he gets freaked out by amputees. I think it’s narrow minded and prejudiced, but there’s no changing him… Come to think about it, he probably wouldn’t have been too happy with having to watch a burn victim either.

I could absolutely do without seeing another drowning scene in any movie or tv show ever again. That’s the sort of shit that gets to me big time (Hey, if Nelson gets amputees then I should get underwater suffocation right? At least mine is more of a legitimate fear.) Thanks to this episode I also now realize that being buried alive in sand is pretty comparable to drowning on the heebie jeebie scale for me.

Okay, so one thing I don’t understand… I’ll buy into the whole astral projection thing – so you’ve got an unseen human force killing people – fine, sure. But, how did it keep those couple of men from dying? How could one guy’s astral projection keep another guy from killing himself in a wood chipper or a vat of boiling water? Did he astral project himself right through med school (and Hogwarts too while he was at it)??

Also, I couldn’t see the Roach character on screen for more than 0.2 seconds without picturing him as Stanford from Sex and the City.
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