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It really must be so hard to be the Monster of the Week episode coming after the last 3 episodes. They’ve done the best they could with this one I suppose.

Gotta love watching Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black in this one. Definitely helps redeem the episode seeing as though I can’t follow exactly what’s meant to be going on with the lightening and whatnot.

Darren’s mom’s whole “I don’t see you on TV” bit reminds me a little of the mother from “Requiem for a Dream.” I guess the mother-obsessed-with-television theme isn’t quite so unique.

Eeeep, there’s some total Mulder and Scully flirting in this one – especially when she’s examining the mold of the foot print.

Also, I know I’ve given two thumbs up to the show’s music supervisor before, but I gotta take this opportunity to commend the usage of the Filter song in this one. Hey man, nice shot, indeed.

That is a great shot of the Executive Producer end credit with Darren’s reflection in the TV screen as he flips through the channels. Very nice touch.
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