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The Blessing Way

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Season Three!!!

Before we go any further, can anyone tell me exactly how Mulder did get out of the burning boxcar??

Unfortunately it’s a pretty slow season opener… I really want to be all giddy and excited, but it’s just like blahblah voice overs, blahblah Native American healing rituatls, blahblah deathbed visions… Thankfully we have plenty of black ops military agents showing up and knocking people around to keep the episode moving.

Seriously the whole bit with Mulder floating in bed in the stars with the Deep Throat and Dad visions is just laughable. It’s like, lighten up people, this isn’t Shakespeare - I mean, “the lies I told were a pox and poison to my soul” – seriously??? And why does Deep Throat keep calling Mulder “old friend”? It’s not like they used to be drinking buddies or something…

Ooooh the metal detector scene! Maybe I was a little too harsh at first, this episode does have a lot of crucial stuff in it. Oh and for the record that’s not quite how the tours of the FBI go. There’s a special tour entrance for them. I know this because I was obsessed enough with this show as a teenager that I forced my entire family to spend thanksgiving in DC once just so we could take the FBI tour.

It pisses me off so much that the hypnotist/therapist touches Scully’s hand. What kind of a professional is he? If she’s in a hypnotic trance recalling a traumatic event did he not think that touching her hands might totally wig her out??

Mulder: “It wasn’t a dream?” Albert: “Yes.” – whaaaaa?? This show never explains *anything*!!

Okay I must have replayed the scene between the Well Manicured Man and Scully in the cemetery ten billion times trying to understand what he was saying after her tells her Mulder is dead. Sonny Bono? Queef Goldberg?? Finally with the help of google I learned it was “Cui Bono” which has something to do with the party guilty of committing a crime also having something to gain from it.

Way to go Scully, you totally just wrote your sister’s death sentence. Silly lady suspecting Skinner all the while… I love those “is he a bad guy or a good guy” moments though.

Aaaaaaannnnd – to be re-continued!!
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