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Season! Two! Finale! I am so excited, you have no idea… but this shit is getting goooood!!!

Of course, I’ve always just assumed that “Éí 'Aaníígóó 'Áhoot'é” means “The Truth Is Out There” in Navajo, but I think I’d like it better if it actually meant “Chris Carter Makes More Money Than You Do” or something like that.

The incorporation of the Axis Powers game of telephone is such a nice touch. Mulder’s silly little tank top, unfortunately, is not.

Love the fight scene between Mulder and Skinner in the hallway. The way the glasses just go flying off of Skinner’s face is priceless.

We finally learn that Bill Mulder was in cahoots with CSM.

You know, about the whole masking tape on the window thing… Does Mr. X just go wandering by Mulder’s apartment at odd intervals throughout the day looking for the Bat Signal?? Or does he live in the building across the street or something?

I’m a little confused how the elder Mulder manages to utter his last words to the younger Mulder, despite the fact that Krycek shot him in the *head.* I mean, doesn’t a bullet through the brain usually kill you pretty instantly? Maybe someone should inform Melissa Scully of that fact too, but wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

I love the fact that Scully has stripped Mulder down to his undies while sleeping. Granted it all happens off camera, but still… good times.

I’ll admit that I’m still more than a little confused by the whole soft water delivery thing. Is that really how apartment buildings get their water? It comes delivered in tiny little tanks? Also, I feel kind of badly for the old lady in Mulder’s building who killed her husband… It would have been a little more considerate for the bad guys to put the drug-filter-thingy on the line running directly into Mulder’s apartment or something.

Finally Mulder is able to take someone else by surprise and get a hold of their gun! I mean, he really lands some good punches there on Krycek. Maybe Mulder should get drugged and angry a little more often.

Eeeeeep – the box car, the alien human hybrids, the smallpox vaccination scar, to be continued – yesssss!!!
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