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I almost feel like this could pass as an episode of SVU instead of The X-Files. Of course, the kidnapper would have to be an even badder bad bad man, and we’d have to get rid of all the psychic connection crap, but still I think we could make it work. And while we’re on the subject, how freakin badass would an SVU/X-Files crossover episode be?? Seriously just picture Benson & Stabler teaming up with Mulder & Scully… Oh well, guess I’ll just have to sit and patiently wait for Richard Belzer to pop up in Season 5 at the very least.

The Lucy character always reminded me of this sort of poor white trash, PTSD version of Jewel. Although, didn’t Jewel used to live in a car or something? So maybe the poor white trash part is already implied…

So, the kidnapper actually had a pretty crappy version of an oubliette at his house. I mean, it’s supposed to be a dungeon with access only through a trap door in the ceiling. But the girl does manage to get out after just breaking some rotted plywood off the window. I mean, if you’re gonna build a dungeon, at least do it *right*. (And for the record, yes yes yes, I do know that “oubliette” is a derivative of the French word for forget which ties in nicely with the whole repressed memory thing, but please don’t take the joy out of my snarkyness).

God, can anyone explain to me why it feels so good to see Mulder so tortured?? Though I will admit while the CPR scene is so gut wrenching, seeing him cry over Lucy’s corpse is more than a bit laughable.
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