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Hey, I didn’t know that you get to dress up in a nice shirt and pants when you’re going to the electric chair. I thought you had to wear that standard prison jumpsuit sort of thing. That’s really nice that they let you get all gussied up for your execution.

So um, the whole episode is sort of impossible to follow. And I love the fact that in the penultimate scene Mulder actually admits as much. I believe his exact words are “you know, it just doesn’t make sense.” Seriously though, I spent the whole episode trying to count how many people had died (and how many of them counted as actually being on the list) so I was never actually sure how many were left and therefore there was zero tension whatsoever. If for some reason you’re in the mood for a whole mess of reincarnation, revenge, prison scenes, maggots, and poor script writing, then this is the episode for you.

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