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Rather than start off the episode with a “last time on The X-Files” bit, Chris Carter instead has opted for yet another long boring Native American voiceover. Thankfully, post credits it’s all guns! guns! guns! to get the story moving again.

“I was a dead man. Now, I’m back” – bawhahahahahahahah. Oh god, sometimes the writing on this show just sucks. Mulder may as well have said “with a vengeance” at the end of that line.

I find it weird that Mulder’s asking The Lone Gunmen if they recognize “anyone” in the photo with his father. I know they haven’t met everyone in The Syndicate yet, but surely they must see CSM, Deep Throat, and the Well Manicured Man (Scully was just chatting with him the day before for goodness sake).

Love seeing CSM on the defensive in this one.

I never exactly understood why there were aliens running through the West Virginia mine and the ship taking off outside right before the CIA showed up. Was that a coincidence? Or was the CIA like “Clear out aliens! We’re coming in to kick some FBI ass!”

When M & S are meeting Skinner in the diner, she says she needs to see her sister and then she proceeds to briefly make the most hideous face ever. Like she’s about to vomit or she just smelled the nastiest fart. I tried for the life of me to get a screen grab of it, but I’m just not smart enough to do it. Judging by the blooper reels I’ve seen for this show though, odds are Gillian Anderson was about to start cracking up for some reason.

Soooo frustrating that no one in this show can hold on to any crucial evidence. I mean, why weren’t ten billion copies of translation of the digital tape made? And those medical files in the mine on Scully and Samantha – why didn’t they pull those out of the drawer and take them with?? Plus it really is a shame that Skinner didn’t think to keep the tape somewhere slightly more secure than his breast pocket (though he did put up a better fight in the 3 against 1 situation than Mulder ever could have).

Oh god, this final scene with Mulder and Scully – I think I re-wound the tape I made when this first aired and watched this over and over again way back when. They’re both so distraught and she finally looks so pretty and all they have is each other and blahblah loveydovey blah.
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