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Season Two DVD Bonus Features

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A little more impressive than the ones from the first season. I still wish we could get some interviews with David and Gillian though… maybe in the later seasons? I’m not giving up hope yet…

God, Darin Morgan is hilarious even in his interviews. No wonder I love his episodes so much.

Some fun tidbits I liked learning about were: the aliens are played by little girls from dance schools in foam rubber heads, the flashlight on the ball of tinfoil “special effect” bit, and the sound of the Alien Bounty Hunter’s stiletto is someone going “phffffft” into a microphone.

Some things I’d be happy to never hear about again include: Gillian Anderson eating (but not swallowing) the cricket, William B Davis smoking herbal cigarettes, and Chris Carter patting himself on the back for anything and everything.

A creepy and bizarre moment: the “behind the truth” segment that was supposed to be about “Humbug” ended up being the series hairstylist talking about the challenges of dealing with Gillian Anderson’s curly hair while filming “Detour” from Season 5 in Vancouver. Okay, someone messed up big time there.

Oh and the DVD-ROM game sucks again as usual. I put some sort of pretty puzzle together but I couldn’t manage to solve any of the cases so I was just kind of stuck… Either I’m really stupid or their game makes about as much sense as the series mytharc…
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