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Our Town

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When I was in High School the drama club actually did an amazing production of “Our Town.” Well, actually the overall show was rather mediocre, but the girl who played Emily Webb was absolutely stellar. And yes, I realize this has nothing to do with anything other than Thornton Wilder contributing to the title of this episode.

The body in the chicken feed scene in this has seriously haunted me for years. Of course, it was another good five years or so after I first saw this episode before I became a vegetarian… so it obviously didn’t bother me *that* much.

You know, I’ve learned so many big words from watching The X-Files. For instance, I never would have known of the danger of Creutzfeldt- Jacob disease had it not been for this episode. Though, if Mulder found all the victims’ heads in that china cabinet, I’m still a little perplexed as to how the infected brain tissue got into the human stew.

Okay, pop quiz, a scary guy in a tribal mask is coming towards you with a big hatchet type thing. Do you a.) run for your fucking life, or b.) back away slowly and over dramatically. For some reason the characters in this episode keep choosing the latter. Of course that’s probably the same reason that Scully gets her ass kicked and winds up kidnapped yet again. I’m beginning to wonder if these agents know how to fight at all…
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