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It’s so hard for me to believe that this and War of the Coprophages seriously aired back to back. Their combined brilliance is almost too hard for me to handle.

The snarkyness is just too plentiful for me to even get into. I’m trying to think what’s stuck with me most after all these years… Let’s see, there’s “You don’t suppose she’s a virgin do you?” “I doubt she’s even a blonde.” Then of course the repetition of the “Sure. Fine. Whatever.” line. Aaaand this episode would be nothing without “Why do you always have to drive? Because you’re the guy? Because you’re the big macho-man?” “No. I was just never sure your little feet could reach the pedals.”

You know, the it’s so out of character to see Mulder drinking bit would have worked a lot better had he not been sharing a glass of scotch with Mr. BugExpert McStephenHawking in the very last episode. Of course, Scully’s little private smoking jealous fit still works nicely.

I think this episode might have the best use of the Sabre Dance that I’ve ever heard. I mean, it’s cliché and totally over the top… but so’s this whole episode and that’s why it works.
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Man, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… it is *really* hard to write about the good episodes. Especially when Darin Morgan has already taken care of all the snark for me.

So you know what’s impossible for me to buy into? Even more so than the aliens and the vast global conspiracy, and all that nonsense….?? The fact that Mulder can’t get any pussy. I mean, sure it sucks that Scully’s all frigid and not putting out yet, but between this episode and the next one – surely he should have scored himself at least a little poonanny. Silly Scully still manages to get herself all jealous anyway though.

Wow, Scully’s typical night off is strikingly similar to mine. Except mine would involve less cleaning of guns, dogs, and reading; and include more ambien instead. So basically both Scully and I stay home alone eating ice cream out of the container and playing on the interweb… and that’s where the similarities end. Look, I have proof:

So who else got freaked out the first time they saw the cockroach randomly run across the screen? Anyone?? Also, am I the only one who thinks Scully eating the cockroach-esque malt ball is totally a nod to her cricket eating ways??

As usual, the one-liners are just too plentiful for me to eve begin to quote. “Are you sure it wasn’t a girlie scream?” has always stuck with me though… That and Mulder’s “not now” as he hangs up on Scully and ogles Bambi. Though him deadpanning “crap” as they get showered with manure is just a cheap shot if you ask me.

Oh and dude, that bug at the end… the one on Mulder’s *food* - it is freakin HUGE. I seriously hope Mulder threw that mystery cake away after that encounter…
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Ah yes, the role reversal episode. It may seem contrived to try and plug Mulder and Scully into the skeptic and believer roles (respectively) but somehow it works out nicely.

So being the ignorant heathen Jew that I am, I totally learned what stigmata is from watching this episode. Ah, X-Files, you are so informative sometimes! Then of course there was the time I thought I actually had stigmata! Seriously, I was getting into the shower and I looked down and saw I had scratches on both my palms, and then I looked in the mirror and saw a cut under my ribs. And THEN I realized that it was Easter Sunday… ooooh freaky, right? Too bad Mulder and Scully didn’t come busting through my apartment door…

“You never draw my bath…” – goddamn it – why don’t they just jump each other’s bones already?????

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Okay, I’m doing this two-parter together, because… well, because I can. Also, while I think that Anasazi, The Blessing Way, and Paper Clip certainly led into it (what with Bill Mulder, The Syndicate, the Nazis, and the small pox vaccines and all); I do believe these two episodes qualify as the turning point when the myth/arc got officially super fucked up. Seriously, anyone who can actually make sense to me of all of the plot twists in the series from this point forward gets a medal. I mean it, give me a call, I’m really confused… I’ll totally have that medal in the mail to you the day after tomorrow.

Ah, this show is just cheeky cheeky cheeky sometimes. Referencing the alien autopsy video on “the Fox network,” Mulder saying he got tired of losing his gun (thank you – we noticed too!), etc etc etc.

For the record all of those women in the little abduction group that Scully visits are all a bunch of tools. It’s like the aliens (or the foreign scientists, whatever) focused solely on the Oprah’s Book Club demographic. Of course I do appreciate having that Penny character deliver the “she is one” line, seeing as though it’s the same actress who was in Red Museum (you know, the episode with S/He Is Once carved into the victims).

For once I’d like to see Mulder have some sort of consequences from all the random traipsing around he does. And I don’t mean disciplinary action from Skinner. I’m talking about contracting a parasite or something from diving head first into the icky Newport News port water. Don’t even try to tell me that Mulder getting E. coli wouldn’t be a nice plot twist…

You know, it is so strange how I completely forgot about the Senator Matheson character until I started re-watching the series. I mean, he is in it *a lot*!! And I’d just completely deleted him from my memory banks. I guess he isn’t very memorable as a character, and he never really does anything that useful for Mulder (unless I’ve repressed something else that’s still to occur in an upcoming episode), but still – the idea of him is pretty crucial.

I am beyond thrilled that Mulder’s casual wear has taken a turn for the better – the sweater, the leather jacket – I mean, it’s practically stylish! Thank goodness though - I don’t know if I could have taken him seriously jumping on a train car wearing oversized white sneakers and a tucked in tank top or something.

Oh of course I should give a shout out to the poor ill-fated (I feel like just about every bit character I mention gets the moniker “ill-fated” in front of their name though) Agent Pendrell. “’Keep it up yourself.’ What a doof.” – poor dear. And hey, he did a nice job of destroying the silicon chip (aka the cure for Scully’s soon-to-be cancer) - that’s gotta be a sure route into her pants.

I’ve read other reviews of this episode on the internets and they all rave about Mark Snow’s music when Scully looks into the mass grave of alien-hybrid-whatevers, and how poignant the scene is and blahblahblah. Well, I think I’m outing myself as a callous bitch once again because I have always *hated* that scene. Soooo super cheesey. Violins on the synthesizer. Cliché leper makeup. Scully’s mock horror. Ugh, gag me with a spoon.

Can anyone tell me why exactly the First Elder helps Scully out in this one? In terms of telling her about the testing and the bomb on the train?? Or if he’s not actually helping her, can someone clarify how operating under the guise of helping her is actually furthering the agenda of The Syndicate?? See, I told you these were the episodes where things start to get really fucked up… This whole exchange also begot some incredibly annoying dialogue such as “Who told you this?” “The man who handed me the phone.” Seriously, what the hell kind of answer is that???

Ah yes, another dues ex machina ending in this one. First of all, somehow in all the times that Mulder’s apartment gets ransacked (the last time was just in the first half of this two-parter) the autopsy video was still there for Scully to watch and decipher the exit code. Second of all, here comes Mr. X to playing the god from the machine, carrying Mulder out of the train car just in the nick of time.

Oh yeah, “apology is policy” – new tag line – forgot to mention that at the beginning. Now Scully gets to spew this rhetoric at the end of the episode.

Hey now, CSM is back to being downright sinister! No dialogue, less than 30 seconds of screen time – soooo very effective. An excellent way to end the episode (seeing as how there was no way of actually tying everything together).
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I almost feel like this could pass as an episode of SVU instead of The X-Files. Of course, the kidnapper would have to be an even badder bad bad man, and we’d have to get rid of all the psychic connection crap, but still I think we could make it work. And while we’re on the subject, how freakin badass would an SVU/X-Files crossover episode be?? Seriously just picture Benson & Stabler teaming up with Mulder & Scully… Oh well, guess I’ll just have to sit and patiently wait for Richard Belzer to pop up in Season 5 at the very least.

The Lucy character always reminded me of this sort of poor white trash, PTSD version of Jewel. Although, didn’t Jewel used to live in a car or something? So maybe the poor white trash part is already implied…

So, the kidnapper actually had a pretty crappy version of an oubliette at his house. I mean, it’s supposed to be a dungeon with access only through a trap door in the ceiling. But the girl does manage to get out after just breaking some rotted plywood off the window. I mean, if you’re gonna build a dungeon, at least do it *right*. (And for the record, yes yes yes, I do know that “oubliette” is a derivative of the French word for forget which ties in nicely with the whole repressed memory thing, but please don’t take the joy out of my snarkyness).

God, can anyone explain to me why it feels so good to see Mulder so tortured?? Though I will admit while the CPR scene is so gut wrenching, seeing him cry over Lucy’s corpse is more than a bit laughable.
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I’m glad I didn’t watch this episode with Nelson because he gets freaked out by amputees. I think it’s narrow minded and prejudiced, but there’s no changing him… Come to think about it, he probably wouldn’t have been too happy with having to watch a burn victim either.

I could absolutely do without seeing another drowning scene in any movie or tv show ever again. That’s the sort of shit that gets to me big time (Hey, if Nelson gets amputees then I should get underwater suffocation right? At least mine is more of a legitimate fear.) Thanks to this episode I also now realize that being buried alive in sand is pretty comparable to drowning on the heebie jeebie scale for me.

Okay, so one thing I don’t understand… I’ll buy into the whole astral projection thing – so you’ve got an unseen human force killing people – fine, sure. But, how did it keep those couple of men from dying? How could one guy’s astral projection keep another guy from killing himself in a wood chipper or a vat of boiling water? Did he astral project himself right through med school (and Hogwarts too while he was at it)??

Also, I couldn’t see the Roach character on screen for more than 0.2 seconds without picturing him as Stanford from Sex and the City.
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Ah yes, the episode about the fat chicks. You know, the ones who can only get dates via the internets??

Hey, Mr. Fatsucking McMurderer says his skin condition is eczema. This episode is hitting a little too close to home for my tastes!

Actually, this episode was probably pretty cutting edge in its day, what with the online chatting and all. I wonder how all the x-philes who were already chatting it up on the interweb reacted to it at the time…

Ugh, I swear, the old formula of Mulder and Scully getting separated then acting incompetent at the climax of the show is getting so old. Always screwing up and getting their ass saved in the nick of time – it’s like these agents have no training whatsoever.

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Hey, I didn’t know that you get to dress up in a nice shirt and pants when you’re going to the electric chair. I thought you had to wear that standard prison jumpsuit sort of thing. That’s really nice that they let you get all gussied up for your execution.

So um, the whole episode is sort of impossible to follow. And I love the fact that in the penultimate scene Mulder actually admits as much. I believe his exact words are “you know, it just doesn’t make sense.” Seriously though, I spent the whole episode trying to count how many people had died (and how many of them counted as actually being on the list) so I was never actually sure how many were left and therefore there was zero tension whatsoever. If for some reason you’re in the mood for a whole mess of reincarnation, revenge, prison scenes, maggots, and poor script writing, then this is the episode for you.

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I’m not nearly a good enough writer to express how much I adore this episode. I really almost hate writing up quality episodes like this, because nothing that I write can come close to matching their brilliance.

Okay, where to begin… Peter Boyle is sheer brilliance. I mean, I’ve even attempted to watch “Everybody Loves Raymond” on several occasions because his performance in this is just that good.

You’d think that Mulder would have reacted a little stronger to Yappi’s “so’s your old man” comeback, seeing as how Mulder’s old man just got murdered four episodes ago.

Love the “Beyond the Sea” reference – “This is yours. This is from your New York Knicks T-shirt!” Why does Mulder say it’s a miss though? Just to fuck with him??

Oh the scene in the car (when Scully drives!) with the bit about autoerotic asphyxiation never gets old. I also looooove that this gets a little shout out in the Steven Soderbergh movie “Full Frontal.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about you must go rent that film immediately.

Aaaaahhhhhh, there are way more inside jokes in this episode than I could ever attempt to name (or catch).

The special FX during Clyde’s dream sequence suck. It’s such an unfortunate moment in what’s otherwise a flawless episode.

You know, the chances of Mulder and Scully bringing Clyde Bruckman right to where the Puppet works really are astronomical. I’m fairly certain this is the only hotel they’ve ever stayed in that actually has room service and a bellhop. I mean, a place that serves coconut cream pies is certainly not like their usual brand of Sketchy McCumOnTheCarpets Motor Lodges

Nothing but love love love love love for this whole episode.
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It really must be so hard to be the Monster of the Week episode coming after the last 3 episodes. They’ve done the best they could with this one I suppose.

Gotta love watching Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black in this one. Definitely helps redeem the episode seeing as though I can’t follow exactly what’s meant to be going on with the lightening and whatnot.

Darren’s mom’s whole “I don’t see you on TV” bit reminds me a little of the mother from “Requiem for a Dream.” I guess the mother-obsessed-with-television theme isn’t quite so unique.

Eeeep, there’s some total Mulder and Scully flirting in this one – especially when she’s examining the mold of the foot print.

Also, I know I’ve given two thumbs up to the show’s music supervisor before, but I gotta take this opportunity to commend the usage of the Filter song in this one. Hey man, nice shot, indeed.

That is a great shot of the Executive Producer end credit with Darren’s reflection in the TV screen as he flips through the channels. Very nice touch.
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Rather than start off the episode with a “last time on The X-Files” bit, Chris Carter instead has opted for yet another long boring Native American voiceover. Thankfully, post credits it’s all guns! guns! guns! to get the story moving again.

“I was a dead man. Now, I’m back” – bawhahahahahahahah. Oh god, sometimes the writing on this show just sucks. Mulder may as well have said “with a vengeance” at the end of that line.

I find it weird that Mulder’s asking The Lone Gunmen if they recognize “anyone” in the photo with his father. I know they haven’t met everyone in The Syndicate yet, but surely they must see CSM, Deep Throat, and the Well Manicured Man (Scully was just chatting with him the day before for goodness sake).

Love seeing CSM on the defensive in this one.

I never exactly understood why there were aliens running through the West Virginia mine and the ship taking off outside right before the CIA showed up. Was that a coincidence? Or was the CIA like “Clear out aliens! We’re coming in to kick some FBI ass!”

When M & S are meeting Skinner in the diner, she says she needs to see her sister and then she proceeds to briefly make the most hideous face ever. Like she’s about to vomit or she just smelled the nastiest fart. I tried for the life of me to get a screen grab of it, but I’m just not smart enough to do it. Judging by the blooper reels I’ve seen for this show though, odds are Gillian Anderson was about to start cracking up for some reason.

Soooo frustrating that no one in this show can hold on to any crucial evidence. I mean, why weren’t ten billion copies of translation of the digital tape made? And those medical files in the mine on Scully and Samantha – why didn’t they pull those out of the drawer and take them with?? Plus it really is a shame that Skinner didn’t think to keep the tape somewhere slightly more secure than his breast pocket (though he did put up a better fight in the 3 against 1 situation than Mulder ever could have).

Oh god, this final scene with Mulder and Scully – I think I re-wound the tape I made when this first aired and watched this over and over again way back when. They’re both so distraught and she finally looks so pretty and all they have is each other and blahblah loveydovey blah.
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Season Three!!!

Before we go any further, can anyone tell me exactly how Mulder did get out of the burning boxcar??

Unfortunately it’s a pretty slow season opener… I really want to be all giddy and excited, but it’s just like blahblah voice overs, blahblah Native American healing rituatls, blahblah deathbed visions… Thankfully we have plenty of black ops military agents showing up and knocking people around to keep the episode moving.

Seriously the whole bit with Mulder floating in bed in the stars with the Deep Throat and Dad visions is just laughable. It’s like, lighten up people, this isn’t Shakespeare - I mean, “the lies I told were a pox and poison to my soul” – seriously??? And why does Deep Throat keep calling Mulder “old friend”? It’s not like they used to be drinking buddies or something…

Ooooh the metal detector scene! Maybe I was a little too harsh at first, this episode does have a lot of crucial stuff in it. Oh and for the record that’s not quite how the tours of the FBI go. There’s a special tour entrance for them. I know this because I was obsessed enough with this show as a teenager that I forced my entire family to spend thanksgiving in DC once just so we could take the FBI tour.

It pisses me off so much that the hypnotist/therapist touches Scully’s hand. What kind of a professional is he? If she’s in a hypnotic trance recalling a traumatic event did he not think that touching her hands might totally wig her out??

Mulder: “It wasn’t a dream?” Albert: “Yes.” – whaaaaa?? This show never explains *anything*!!

Okay I must have replayed the scene between the Well Manicured Man and Scully in the cemetery ten billion times trying to understand what he was saying after her tells her Mulder is dead. Sonny Bono? Queef Goldberg?? Finally with the help of google I learned it was “Cui Bono” which has something to do with the party guilty of committing a crime also having something to gain from it.

Way to go Scully, you totally just wrote your sister’s death sentence. Silly lady suspecting Skinner all the while… I love those “is he a bad guy or a good guy” moments though.

Aaaaaaannnnd – to be re-continued!!
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A little more impressive than the ones from the first season. I still wish we could get some interviews with David and Gillian though… maybe in the later seasons? I’m not giving up hope yet…

God, Darin Morgan is hilarious even in his interviews. No wonder I love his episodes so much.

Some fun tidbits I liked learning about were: the aliens are played by little girls from dance schools in foam rubber heads, the flashlight on the ball of tinfoil “special effect” bit, and the sound of the Alien Bounty Hunter’s stiletto is someone going “phffffft” into a microphone.

Some things I’d be happy to never hear about again include: Gillian Anderson eating (but not swallowing) the cricket, William B Davis smoking herbal cigarettes, and Chris Carter patting himself on the back for anything and everything.

A creepy and bizarre moment: the “behind the truth” segment that was supposed to be about “Humbug” ended up being the series hairstylist talking about the challenges of dealing with Gillian Anderson’s curly hair while filming “Detour” from Season 5 in Vancouver. Okay, someone messed up big time there.

Oh and the DVD-ROM game sucks again as usual. I put some sort of pretty puzzle together but I couldn’t manage to solve any of the cases so I was just kind of stuck… Either I’m really stupid or their game makes about as much sense as the series mytharc…
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Season! Two! Finale! I am so excited, you have no idea… but this shit is getting goooood!!!

Of course, I’ve always just assumed that “Éí 'Aaníígóó 'Áhoot'é” means “The Truth Is Out There” in Navajo, but I think I’d like it better if it actually meant “Chris Carter Makes More Money Than You Do” or something like that.

The incorporation of the Axis Powers game of telephone is such a nice touch. Mulder’s silly little tank top, unfortunately, is not.

Love the fight scene between Mulder and Skinner in the hallway. The way the glasses just go flying off of Skinner’s face is priceless.

We finally learn that Bill Mulder was in cahoots with CSM.

You know, about the whole masking tape on the window thing… Does Mr. X just go wandering by Mulder’s apartment at odd intervals throughout the day looking for the Bat Signal?? Or does he live in the building across the street or something?

I’m a little confused how the elder Mulder manages to utter his last words to the younger Mulder, despite the fact that Krycek shot him in the *head.* I mean, doesn’t a bullet through the brain usually kill you pretty instantly? Maybe someone should inform Melissa Scully of that fact too, but wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

I love the fact that Scully has stripped Mulder down to his undies while sleeping. Granted it all happens off camera, but still… good times.

I’ll admit that I’m still more than a little confused by the whole soft water delivery thing. Is that really how apartment buildings get their water? It comes delivered in tiny little tanks? Also, I feel kind of badly for the old lady in Mulder’s building who killed her husband… It would have been a little more considerate for the bad guys to put the drug-filter-thingy on the line running directly into Mulder’s apartment or something.

Finally Mulder is able to take someone else by surprise and get a hold of their gun! I mean, he really lands some good punches there on Krycek. Maybe Mulder should get drugged and angry a little more often.

Eeeeeep – the box car, the alien human hybrids, the smallpox vaccination scar, to be continued – yesssss!!!
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When I was in High School the drama club actually did an amazing production of “Our Town.” Well, actually the overall show was rather mediocre, but the girl who played Emily Webb was absolutely stellar. And yes, I realize this has nothing to do with anything other than Thornton Wilder contributing to the title of this episode.

The body in the chicken feed scene in this has seriously haunted me for years. Of course, it was another good five years or so after I first saw this episode before I became a vegetarian… so it obviously didn’t bother me *that* much.

You know, I’ve learned so many big words from watching The X-Files. For instance, I never would have known of the danger of Creutzfeldt- Jacob disease had it not been for this episode. Though, if Mulder found all the victims’ heads in that china cabinet, I’m still a little perplexed as to how the infected brain tissue got into the human stew.

Okay, pop quiz, a scary guy in a tribal mask is coming towards you with a big hatchet type thing. Do you a.) run for your fucking life, or b.) back away slowly and over dramatically. For some reason the characters in this episode keep choosing the latter. Of course that’s probably the same reason that Scully gets her ass kicked and winds up kidnapped yet again. I’m beginning to wonder if these agents know how to fight at all…
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Ah, yes, the one with Tony Shalhoub.

Just realized that the woman playing Scully’s former student (who incidentally looks about the same age as her, so I don’t know what the fuck’s up with that) also played the gender bending Marty in whatever that pseudo-Amish episode was called in Season 1 (*edit* duh, the episode was actually titled Gender Bender of all things…).

Oooh, love the subtle little Tooms reference they tossed in there (about someone fitting through a heating vent).

Wait, how was his shadow both in front and in back of him? And how did it slip under the door before?? And most importantly why am I questioning this and not the fact that he even has a murderous black matter shadow???

God, I forgot how really *involved* Mr. X used to get. I mean, he wasn’t just passing along information then ducking out – he was totally a hands-on sort of guy.

Is it supposed to be significant that Mulder and Mr X are back at their original meeting place (Which is where exactly? Some sort of stadium under construction?). Did they run out of bits of stock footage and have to use that one again?

And in the end poor Tony Shalhoub sheds a single tear while they do the “brain suck.” Good times.
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One word for this episode? Gross. You heard me: G-R-O-S-S. Honestly, I can’t believe I even allowed myself to watch this episode again with the pulsing boils and the spraying puss and the white trash and whatnot.

God there are just not words for me to express how frustrating it is to watch stupid people. If you saw a nasty ass throbbing boil would you go sticking your face all up in it until it exploded all over you? Seriously, would you?? I sure as hell wouldn’t. Yet, that seems to be what just about every character in this episode does. And Scully is like stupid by proxy in that it’s her carelessly traipsing around the dead bodies in the incinerator room that basically causes the other doctor to become infected.

The only redeeming thing about this episode is the incorporation of the mythology into it. The mini-showdown between Mulder and CSM in Skinner’s office (Mulder: “I won’t be a party to it. [turns to Skinner] How about you?” CSM: “You’re a party to it already.”), the questioning of Skinner’s allegiances (Mulder: “Well what about you. Where do you stand?” Skinner: “I stand right on the line that you keep crossing.”) - *this* is the sort of shit that kept me watching week after week. Plus, it is refreshing to see the whole government conspiracy thing stretching beyond the realm of little green men.
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So this episode is sort of The Omen meets The Exorcist, meets that episode of the Twilight Zone where everyone had to be nice to the little boy because he would kill them if he didn’t get what he wanted.

WHY does no one try and stop the little boy walking through the park all alone? And WHY if there are 100 witnesses are none of them able to pull him off the train tracks in time?? Sooooo frustrating.

Wow, Nelson was totally able to understand at least half of the Romanian spoken in the episode. I know it’s a romance language, but I had no idea it was that close to Spanish… Nelson also made a nice comment about the size of the mother’s eyebrows- and I was like “yeah, welcome to my hell.”

So what exactly do people who work at the State Department do? I know I should know this… but I can’t for the life of me come up with an answer. And do people on a government salary really make that much money? Cause this guy is living in a huge house and driving a jag…

For shits and giggles I just looked in an online translator for the word “calusari” and it didn’t turn up anything. I wonder if those kooky kids at 1013 made it up or if the internets is just failing me this time?

Nelson also keeps insisting that the men are Hasidic, but I’m all “dude they’re just plain old Eastern European – you can’t go blaming everything on the Jews!”
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Yesssssssssss – the first comedy episode!! I’m trying to decide why the comedy episodes are all in my top ten… Is it because so much of the show is so preposterous, that it just lends itself so naturally to humor? Does it have to do with the fact that Darin Morgan and Kim Manners are freakin geniuses when they work together??

Honestly, nothing I can say about this episode will be nearly as witty and clever as this episode itself. There are just so many classic moments – Scully eating the cricket, “we found out you used to be a dog faced boy,” the whole fun house scene, every scene with the Enigma in it… love love love love love.

Mabe I should just take this opportunity to direct you over to Television Without Pity, where this girl has done a brilliant job with this episode. Oh TWoP, how I love thee…

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First off, can I please get some props for getting that funky ass Norwegian Ø thing in the episode title to appear here in LJ? You like? Yeah, me too…

You know, it’s honestly a lot harder for me to buy into how the agents just go gallivanting off to Norway without even telling anyone than it is for me to take the whole leap of faith with the paranormal stuff.

The old age makeup is pretty good at first in this one, but as they get “older” it just turns into looking like some nasty thick Halloween mask.

I was so proud of Scully’s resourcefulness with the snow globe and the sardine water and lemon juice… but then why don’t they guard that jar of “water” like it’s the freakin holy grail? I mean, one rock of the boat and bam, the whole jar is smashed.

These semi- deus ex machina endings really do bug me. Mulder and Scully are both on the brink of death and just when you’ve lost all hope, in comes the cavalry (or the Navy in this case?) to save the day.
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